Women’s health & Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a very effective medicine at treating women’s health. Fertility starts here. The combination of acupuncture and herbs are used to quickly, effectively, and naturally bring the body into a state of wellness. By doing so, the body is then capable of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and supporting you and baby – both during and after pregnancy. When our bodies are at its peak performance, they can do almost anything!


Sterile, stainless steel needles will be placed in different parts of your body. Acupuncture points will change depending where you are in your cycle, or become pregnant. These needles tell your body what to do in a supportive and encouraging way, while addressing current symptoms.

Herbs are administered throughout the different phases in the cycle: period, post period or follicular phase, ovulation, and post ovulation or luteal phase. The purpose of administering herbs in different parts of the cycle is to correct, strengthen, and nourish the body to support a full term pregnancy.

Food is medicine. Part of your fertility plan will include diet guidance to better assist your fertility health. Along with foods, supplements and vitamins will also be discussed in your consultation and assessment.

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