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Pregnant with PCOS

“I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005 and Hypothyroidism in 2010. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility since 2014 as a result. Despite taking my medications as directed and following a low-carb diet and exercise regimen, we were unable to conceive. Nearly every provider we had been working with over the years suggested we start to consider IUI/IVF given the circumstances.

My primary care’s nurse had recommended White Lily Acupuncture during one of my routine visits after discussing my fertility concerns. I finally contacted White Lily in the fall of 2016 after much deliberation and later went in for a consultation when my husband and I decided to continue our journey of trying to conceive naturally.

Christine is a godsend! It was apparent from the start that she is passionate about what she does for a living and she was quick to put our anxious minds at ease. Christine has provided me with nothing less than exceptional service. I felt at home with each and every visit. I have also had the pleasure of working with Nick on an intermittent basis and he’s just as awesome!

So I began these treatments in October of 2016 (herbal supplements and weekly Acupuncture sessions) and I began tracking my cycles/symptoms to monitor our progress. Within a matter of weeks, I was already noticing an improvement in my symptoms! My acne had cleared up, my cycles were starting to regulate and I discovered a renewed energy! I was feeling much better from the first time I had walked through that door! We continued these treatments for another 6 months and to our surprise, we were able to conceive! Not once but twice! Sadly the first ended in miscarriage at barely 5 weeks (chemical pregnancy) but it happened again the following cycle! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and everything is going great!

Chinese medicine has greatly improved my quality of life and I am forever grateful for Christine helping my husband and I achieve our dream of becoming parents.” Ashley O.

IVF and 2 more natural pregnancies

“Christine is a wonderful practitioner of her art and incorporating her services into my life has made a profound difference! I first saw Christine for fertility struggles after being told that my husband and I had a very minimal chance of having a baby. She helped me through the IVF cycle with wonderful success (a beautiful, healthy baby) and has helped me through two more natural pregnancies. I am a massive believer in the fertility benefits of acupuncture and in Christine’s knowledge and expertise. I am also so appreciative of Christine’s holistic approach to clients and her knowledge base of a variety of natural ways to deal with life stresses and overall wellness. Highly recommend! ” J.S.

IVF success

“I started seeing Christine in December regarding infertility (1.5 years infertility including multiple IUIs and one IVF attempt). It was my first experience with acupuncture and Christine did a great job in explaining and making sure it was non-intimidating. After 3 months treatment with both Christine and Nick, I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I highly recommend contacting either Christine or Nick if you are interested in exploring how acupuncture can help you!” Anonymous

Success with one IVF and 2 additional healthy pregnancies

“Christine is a wonderful practitioner of her art and incorporating her services into my life has made a profound difference! I first saw Christine for fertility struggles after being told that my husband and I had a very minimal chance of having a baby. She helped me through the IVF cycle with wonderful success (a beautiful, healthy baby) and has helped me through two more natural pregnancies. I am a massive believer in the fertility benefits of acupuncture and in Christine’s knowledge and expertise. I am also so appreciative of Christine’s holistic approach to clients and her knowledge base of a variety of natural ways to deal with life stresses and overall wellness. Highly recommend!” J.S.


“I started seeing Christine in July of 2014 to help balance my mind and body after losing my first baby in April of 2014. A little background on me,I had a Laparoscopy in December of 2013 for diagnosis of Endometriosis. I also had a blood clot in my right ovary making it non functional and my left tube was twisted and bound up due to the endometriosis making it impossible to conceive. I became pregnant very quickly after surgery. I got my first positive pregnancy test in the beginning of February 2014. Everything was going along fine or so I thought, until my hubby and I had our 13 week ultrasound and they noticed the fetus had multiple neural tube defects. Our son’s condition was terminal. We made the very hard decision to terminate the pregnancy early April of 2014. After allowing my body to heal for 3 months after the D&E, a very large endometrioma was found in the right ovary, and causing me lots of pain and discomfort. I got frustrated with the doctors and decided I should see an acupuncturist to help with the mind and body. I found Christine. A lot of her reviews were very positive and I was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. From my first visit she was very compassionate and thorough. She listened and answered all of my questions. I immediately felt very comfortable with her. I kept her posted on the status of the endometrioma and she begin a little more intense acupuncture session, during my treatments the endometrioma did not grow and it even shrank little. She always had a positive attitude and I left the office feeling like there is hope and everything will be ok. After a month of seeing Christine I went back to my doctor to discuss taking Femara to help achieve pregnancy sooner than later (the endometriosis grows back with each period) I was bound a determined to not have another laparoscopy so soon. He did give me Femara. My hubby and I decided to proceed with one more month of acupuncture before taking the Femara, I completed 2 months of acupuncture with Christine and took the Femara starting my third month of acupuncture. I kept Christine informed and she was very excited for me and told me she can work with Femara and a lot of her clients had success with it. I got my very first BFP end of September!!! We are so excited and I am still going to see Christine for the first trimester to help things go smoothly. Christine always helped me to stay positive and keep the faith. She is amazing a encouraging and very informative. I would recommend her a thousand times over!” ~ anonymous

Irregular periods & preparing body for pregnancy

“After discovering I had irregular periods, I decided to look into acupuncture therapy.  It had been multiple months of trying to get pregnant and I wanted to see if this would help in regulating my menstrual cycle and ultimately become pregnant sooner.  I found Christine and began making weekly visits to receive acupuncture treatments.  I immediately felt comfortable with her and was able to open up about my journey.  Christine has a unique ability to educate, connect, and provided the reassurance I needed at the time.  She was also very knowledgeable and made me comfortable and confident in a process/treatment that was very new to me. I ended up getting pregnant after the first few sessions and can safely assume Christine and her treatments helped immensely.  I continued to go to her throughout my first trimester to promote a strong and healthy pregnancy.  I am happy to say that I am now am a proud mom to a healthy baby boy!  I would highly recommend White Lily Acupuncture and will be going to Christine again for my next pregnancy.  My experience was professional, helpful, and effective!” S.H.


“Christine is wonderful!!!  I have been seeing her for fertility and stress relief for over 2 years.  She helped me get through the stress of my fertility problems~ I am now 28 weeks pregnant!!  My husband and I ended up needing to do IVF, and Christine was with me every step of the way to help me through the process.  When I got pregnant she was very helpful and continues to be. Christine is very knowledgeable, and I have learned so much from her.  I have changed my ways of thinking and doing to include more natural remedies in my life.  I still continue to see her and seek her out when I have questions.  She is great, and I can’t think of anyone better to see for acupuncture.  Thanks for everything you do Christine!!” J.D.


“After numerous fertility treatments and multiple miscarriages I turned to acupuncture. Christine is amazing and the most professional health care provider I have ever worked with and truly cares about her patients. I am now 18 pregnant and every thing is going great!” A.P.

Preparing body after miscarriage and now pregnant

“I went to Christine after a miscarriage to prepare my body for (hopefully) another pregnancy. Sadly this was my second miscarriage. Christine is very knowledgeable (after a thorough consult) she put together a plan with acupuncture, tea, supplements, and food recommendations which she fine tuned and revised along the way as my needs changed. She was so supportive and caring that I always felt I was getting extraordinary care from her. I am very happy to report that I am now 22 weeks pregnant. This was my first experience with acupuncture and although I can’t explain it – I know it worked for me. She was able to jump start my cycle and my stress washed away with each session. I just can’t say enough about the positive experience I had.” J.K.

Pregnancy after miscarriage

“I went to Christine after experiencing a miscarriage the year before.  My doctors would not say why I had a miscarriage, but they did diagnose me with low progesterone during that pregnancy.  Despite taking progesterone supplements for a few months when trying again, I was not getting pregnant right away like I did the first time.  I met with Christine, and she had me chart my temperatures which did in fact confirm some hormone imbalances.  After seeing Christine for two months for acupuncture and taking prescribed herbs from her, I am happy to say I got pregnant again and all is going great.  I am 15 weeks along, and I firmly believe that my treatment through Christine was a strong factor in having a successful pregnancy this time around.” C.R.

Natural pregnancy

“After not getting pregnant for over a year, only then to have an early miscarriage, I knew that I wanted to try something different. Not interested in taking any harsh hormones or involving fertility doctors if I didn’t have to, I began researching the benefits of acupuncture to naturally boost fertility and came across Christine’s site. What a great match! It was a very thorough process in order for her to gather my history, cycle patterns, and overall lifestyle. I began her customized 12-week fertility program consisting of weekly acupuncture sessions, herbs (she adjusted the teas/pills as she assessed their impact), cycle/temp tracking, and diet tips. While I have a hectic schedule and a busy career, I prioritized my acupuncture and found it really helped me relax and feel healthier overall, physically & emotionally. Just under 3 months later, I found out I was pregnant! Still nervous given my history, I continued to see Christine to promote a strong pregnancy from the start. I truly attribute my smooth first trimester to the acupuncture (no morning sickness either!). To top it off, Christine was always there for me when I had questions, even in between appointments. She’s so genuine & will be honest when it’s appropriate to wrap up the treatment plan. I’m now well into my second trimester and feeling great. While I miss the weekly sessions and Christine’s smiling face, I know she’s there if I need her & would definitely go back for any future needs! I highly recommend White Lily Acupuncture for anyone seeking a comfortable, natural, and balanced approach to treatment.” J.W.

Pregnancy with IVF

“After 1 ½ years of trying to get pregnant and no success I was referred to White Lily Acupuncture by a good friend. At first I wasn’t sure about it and went in for a consultation, asked others, my doctor and did some research. I then tried fertility pills and artificial insemination, that did not work. In August 2012 I had surgery and found out I had Endometriosis and White Blood Cells in my Uterus, the doctor removed it all. My friend was talking to me again about Christine and I decided it might be time to try acupuncture. In September 2012, I started acupuncture along with doing fertility shots and artificial insemination. I found out I was pregnant the end of October and continued to see Christine until I was 11 weeks. I am now 15 weeks, due July 5th, 2013 with my first baby and am so happy. When I was 6 weeks pregnant I broke my collarbone and Christine helped with that as well. I am glad I listened to my friend and went to Christine. Not only did she help with getting pregnant, I felt relaxed every time I left her office. I recommend her to others and will continue to do so. Christine and her environment make you feel so comfortable and she answers any questions you have.” Mayleigh F.

Pregnancy following early miscarriage

“I started with Christine after I had an early miscarriage. Christine’s assessment was thorough and seem to hit every symptoms I have ever had. She had a detailed plan on how to correct my overall health and prepare my body to have a baby. The plan worked almost too easily and a few weeks later I was pregnant. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I am very thankful for Christine, her knowledge, and wonderful personality. She really looks at the whole person.” Susan M.

Pregnant with PCOS

“I started seeing Christine in July for PCOS. She was very good about explaining everything about the disease and how it affects your fertility. She is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and fertility issues. I was very impressed with how she was able to start treating me right away. I went once a week for 12 weeks. I was unsure about it at first but she made me very comfortable. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and I am very excited.  I had tried fertility drugs last year, got pregnant, and had a miscarriage.  We had been trying for 3 years to have a baby. I am very glad that I researched and tried this therapy. I will recommend that anyone having problems like me try out acupuncture through White Lily Acupuncture. I will recommend Christine as was very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for everything you have done to help me get pregnant.” A.H.

Acupuncture for pregnancy and pregnancy care

“I cannot say enough great things about Christine and my experiences with her at White Lily Acupuncture. From the beginning, I felt a connection to her because she is so warm, caring and is such a great listener. She takes the time to get to know and understand you and your concerns, and she takes your health goals very seriously. Often times she can tell how I am feeling before I even tell her, which always amazes me. Christine has really helped to improve my overall health and wellbeing and low and behold, one month in to seeing her, I am pregnant! I have been seeing her throughout the first trimester and this has also helped a ton with morning sickness, exhaustion, and sleep issues. I plan to continue to see her throughout my pregnancy. She is very passionate about what she does, and she is the best at it! I would recommend Christine to anyone as she has proven to be invaluable to me.” N.O.

Pregnant with twins after ovary removal and no fertility medications

“I began seeing Christine during the summer of 2012 after I was told by my OB/GYN that I would need surgery for large ovarian cyst.  My doctor told me she would try to save my ovary but could not guarantee it.  I sought an acupuncture consult as my husband and I had already planned to begin trying to get pregnant that fall but I was worried we might have difficulties if I lost an ovary, plus I had always had very irregular menstrual cycles. I had my surgery in September 2012 and it did indeed result in the loss of my ovary.  I continued to take my oral birth control for a month while I healed so in October 2012 we officially began trying to conceive our first child.  I was seeing Christine about every 2 weeks around the beginning of my cycle and then again around ovulation.  My cycles prior to oral birth control had always been very inconsistent and usually 35 days or longer in length.  I was amazed that the acupuncture combined with the herbal regimen recommended by Christine were regulating my cycles to a predictable 28 day length!  Christine also recommended I take my temperature daily to help predict ovulation time.  After about 5 cycles, and I believe the second cycle of my husband and I timing intercourse correctly we found out in February 2013 that I was pregnant!  In March we were given a greater surprise when we discovered we were expecting twins!  Our identical twin boys are due in October 2013! I’m grateful to Christine for providing support, advice and encouragement during our months of trying to conceive.  I’m extremely happy we chose acupuncture from the start to avoid what I feel could have been a long frustrating process to conceive.” L.A.

Pregnant with PCOS

“I began seeing Christine in October 2012. This was after I was diagnosed with PCOS in March of 2012. I had been seeing my OBGYN and she put me on Clomid and was increasing my dose every month, which wasn’t working for me and finally she said I needed to see a fertility specialist for IUI and/or IVF treatments. After a lot of discussing with my husband we really didn’t feel that we wanted to jump to all the drugs, hormones, and not to mention the money that comes with IUI and IVF. I had heard about acupuncture helping with fertility so I looked into it a bit more and found Christine. She has been a BLESSING. I started my first acupuncture treatment in October. After just 2 months I was getting my periods on my own and my BBT charts were finally looking normal. I was SHOCKED and sooo excited….I continued through the winter and by April 2013 I found out I was Pregnant! I am forever grateful for Christine’s support, knowledge and encouragement through the months of try to conceive. I love being able to say we did it naturally. No drug, hormones or procedures. If you are thinking about acupuncture and are on the fence I would recommend having a consult with Christine. You will fall in love and get results the natural way without spending all that money on fertility treatments. My husband and I are eternally grateful for Christine. She was the answer to our prayers and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!” Alyssa C.

Delayed menstruation with cramps

“I saw Christine because I was a few days late on my period and feeling crampy. I went to Christine and she did acupuncture on me and I ended up getting my period within 20 minutes of treatment.  Now I see Christine to regulate my period and to keep my healthy.” Y.N.

Beginning the labor process

“I had gestational diabetes and my doctor wanted to induce me a week before my actual due date. I didn’t want to be medically induced if I didn’t have to. At 38 weeks, the doctor had given me the okay to hopefully go into labor before being induced, so that’s when I saw Christine. She did acupuncture on me to help begin the labor process. Literally, one hour after she finished the acupuncture, my water broke and I was on my way to the hospital. I loved the fact that even though she was able to help force my body to begin the labor process, it was still all natural! It was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend anyone to see her, especially if you have a similar situation! I would do it again in a heartbeat!” Shaelyn J.

Breeched baby

“I met Christine when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. The baby was in the breech position and the exercises I was doing from the doctor were not working to turn the baby. I was fearful of having a c section so I went to see Christine. It was an amazing experience! Christine was professional, informative and I felt completely comfortable. It was actually very relaxing. I would definitely recommend Christine!” Shanna N.

Amenorrhea and anovulation

“My main reason for contacting Christine was to try acupuncture to treat my infertility issues (amenorrhea/chronic anovulation) with the hopes of becoming pregnant. Upon my initial visit with Christine, she sought out a very detailed past medical history, along with signs/symptoms I had been experiencing. Although my main focus, was on “having a baby,” Christine’s main focus was on treating me as a “whole” versus one issue, as I had multiple issues going (mainly gastrointestinal) on when I first started going to Christine. I spent a year seeing Christine receiving acupuncture treatments and trying various herbal teas. Each and every time I met with Christine, which was sometimes twice a week, she was always very personable, eager to hear what was going on with me, and individualized my treatment plan with my current issues. For example, in the course of the year there were times I had sinus/cold/flu issues going on, so Christine would treat those symptoms and within a day or two I was often feeling better. She was always happy to answer all my questions, offer many resources for me to read, and to seek other opinions regarding answers to questions/treatment options. Christine was very flexible with her schedule accommodating my work schedule and appointment needs. Although the end result was not a pregnancy, all the gastrointestinal issues were resolved. I would highly recommend White Lily Acupuncture to anyone who is seeking acupuncture as an alternative therapy. If I were to ever seek acupuncture again, I would without a doubt go back to see Christine.” Anonymous


“A year and half ago I walked into Christine’s office for a consultation wanting to get more information about trying acupuncture. I knew that I wanted to try something that I had read could help the chances of getting pregnant. What I didn’t expect was the knowledge and compassion Christine had. Fast forward from the first treatment on that day to now, I have changed my outlook on life to be more positive and I am able to handle stress better. I’ve learned how to track and pay attention to different changes occurring with my body. I look forward to my appointments because that time allows me to focus on me and nothing else going on around me. This month, my husband and I went in for our second IVF treatment. I remained positive and kept my stress levels low. I continued my appointments with Christine throughout this process and she was able to keep me focused on getting ready for the baby. I found out recently that I am expecting. I feel like all the preparation and treatments leading up to this has put my mind and body where they needed to be and I am excited to start the next part of my journey. I look forward to continuing on with Christine throughout my pregnancy.” Anonymous


“I had one miscarriage in January of 2013 after trying to conceive for a year.  I started looking into fertility and miscarriages and treatments that may help – acupuncture was something that kept popping up in my own research, but I had never tried it before so I was thinking over all of my options.  I got pregnant again in April 2013, only to have another miscarriage.  After the second miscarriage, I knew I needed to do something.  I did a simple google search and found a couple different acupuncture clinics in my area.  White Lily Acupuncture stuck out the most, being a clinic that primarily focuses on fertility and pregnancy.  I felt I would receive the best care for my needs going there and I was definitely not disappointed.  Christine is knowledgeable, kind, patient, genuine, and very good at what she does!” Anonymous

Becoming Pregnant

“My husband and I tried to get pregnant for nearly 4 years when I came to Christine. I’d gone through all the tests and done a couple cycles of IUI with little hope and no explanation of an issue. I felt defeated and depressed. Each time I saw Christine, she asked questions about my emotional state like my stress levels and how I was feeling and reviewed certain physical characteristics before moving into the acupuncture. I felt like she spent time to really understand me, and then tailored the treatment to my needs. Most of all, she is always very personable and understanding. She seems to understand where I was coming from and the struggles I’d faced, which helped me open up more and more. As we decided to move to IVF after a short break, I wanted acupuncture to be part of my treatment. Christine became a major part of my support system during this process. I saw her weekly, looking forward to the 20 minutes or so of acupuncture and updating Christine on my progress; and to my surprise, we found out we were pregnant after the first IVF cycle! I continued to see Christine throughout my first trimester while I felt anxious about the possibilities of loss. Seeing Christine helped me feel positive about my pregnancy. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and plan to see her again to prepare for delivery.”  -Jennifer L.

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