Top Oils for Fertility

Top Oils for Fertility

Top Oils for Fertility:

There are many uses for essential oils. One of our favorite ways to utilize essential oils here in the clinic and for patients at home is to support women’s health and fertility. You can use single oils alone, or blend for an even more balanced and powerful effect. Apply topically to abdomen, back of neck, and across wrists. Here are our favorite fertility oils:

Clary Sage: (Do not use if pregnant)

• Influences estrogen production by way of stimulating the pituitary gland
• Regulates menstrual cycles due to influence on estrogen production
• Relieves pain with menstrual cramps
• Uterine tonic
• Elevates the mood and acts as an antidepressant, anti-anxiety oil

Geranium: (Do not use if pregnant)
• Levels out endocrine system
• Regulates and balances hormones

• Has a relaxing effect on the endocrine system
• Balances hormones
• Relaxes spasms and eases pain with ovulation and menstruation
• Calms the mind to ease anxiety, irritability, depression, ups and downs with PMS

Fennel: (Do not use if pregnant)
• Phytoestrogenic, helps estrogen production
• Helps balance hormones

A simple fertility blend recipe you can do at home:
Clary sage – 20 drops
Geranium – 15 drops
Lavender – 10 drops
Fennel – 10 drops

Combine all oils into a rollerball bottle, then fill with unfractionated coconut oil. Voila!


As always, the information above is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice.

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