General Health/Wellbeing

Positive experience

“I am a 37 year old female that initially came in for fertility concerns but my experience has been so positive that I have stayed on for other issues that Nick and Christine have addressed. They have helped me with anxiety and depression as well as pain management. I have recommended White Lily to a number of people and my mom has started treatments for arthritis. I actually just recommended White Lily Acupuncture today!” K.J.


“Nick puts you at ease immediately, He listens to your concerns and makes suggestions. The whole process is so non invasive and relaxing. It is great for sinus, allergies, pain and stress. Or anything else that might ail you.” Barbara P.


I came to Christine after seeing a GI specialist, having the work up of tests, and being told that in order to be regular I needed to take a quadruple dose of Miralax everyday. That’s the equivalent of a bottle every 8 days.  To say I was skeptical that acupuncture would help my problem is an understatement. I had given up hope that anything would help me, but I went through with it anyway. After just one appointment I was feeling so much better and started to be more regular. At first I was on a regular schedule with Christine until my system started to regulate itself and work through its issues. Now, about 2 years later, I see Christine for follow up appointments every month or two. She always listens to exactly how I am feeling and what is going on with my body. I never feel judged or pressured, the entire experience is relaxing and I always leave feeling better than when I came.” EL

Nothing else worked

“I was diagnosed with discoid lupus (skin condition) and the only option wit traditional medicine was steroids, which removed redness but didn’t stop the spread. I talked with Nick and he told me there was a course of treatment specifically for discoid lupus so I gave it a shot. Within the first two weeks the redness was gone (without reapplying a steroid cream 3 times a day!). Now it’s been 4 months and then have been no new spots, no redness and the scar tissue is disappearing! Very satisfied.” Jim H.

Get Results With Acupuncture / TMJ, Intraocular pressure, overall health

“It’s been almost two years since my health insurance referred me to White Lily Acupuncture for treatment of TMJ pain.  Her therapies have stopped the pain and I am no longer need to wear a mouth splint at night to get relief.  She encouraged me to try Qigong and yoga to help with everyday stress.  About a year ago, the pressure in both eyes started increasing to unhealthy levels.  Christine developed a treatment plan that complemented the changes I made (mostly diet and exercise). Last checkup, my eye pressure dropped in both eyes almost 10 points!  Christine is professional and very detailed orientated.  I have gotten great results from her acupuncture therapies and I am so grateful she is in my insurance network.” Lynne

Excellent experience

“Professional, caring, informative, thorough are a few words that describe my experience with Nick. It was my first time getting acupuncture and he was very reassuring. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I will definitely be returning.” J.R.

Health Maintenance

“I have been working with Christine for several years. Seeing Christine is the one thing I look forward to most. For one hour, I can focus on myself. Christine is professional, knowledgeable, informative, caring and skilled. She also has a great bedside manner. I have a problem with my knees and had a great deal of pain. With Christine’s help I am virtually pain free and able to get around better. My quality of life has improved. I feel healthier, happier and energized. I plan to continue seeing her for health maintenance and relaxation.” B.F.

Weight Loss with menopause

“I am in menopause and struggling with the weight that comes on. I exercise, eat right and am hoping that acupuncture will help me. I have been heavy and know how to eat and control my weight. I have kept off 50 pounds for 15 years and when it comes on due to nothing I did, it’s very hard to accept. I have trust that when Nick said this can help. Nick seems to be very knowledgeable in what he does.” S.H.


“After visiting any number of medical specialists from January, 2011 to June 2011, and having been subjected to every test in the book, I still had no diagnosis for my low hemoglobin and my swollen hands and feet. The swelling in my hands became so severe I had to have my rings cut off. In desperation, in June I began going to a highly recommended acupuncturist. After the 4th treatment, I started to see improvement and the improvement continued. In October I decided to keep the appointment that had been made for me with a rheumatologist in August even though I was now quite comfortable as a result of the acupuncture. The diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. I understand there is not a cure for R.A. but I am very satisfied with the level of comfort acupuncture has given me. I am now on a mild medication for R.A. that I am hoping will maintain that level without damaging my liver or my only kidney. If it does not, I will return to acupuncture, even though it is an out-of-pocket expense. My medical plan, as most, refuses to reimburse the cost of acupuncture which I feel was my salvation.” L.B.

Chronic Lyme Disease

“I started to see Christine at the lowest point in my life as I was dealing with Chronic Lyme Disease and could no longer work.  (I tried acupuncture a year or two earlier with a different person but did not feel comfortable with it.) My experience with Christine has been so overwhelmingly positive that it is difficult to describe how much she has helped me.  First of all, her training and background help to give her a wide range of knowledge that she is able to share in a very gently and caring way.  Over the past 8 months, I have felt that she has been a special angel that is there to listen to me and that she truly cares about my progress as she has worked to help me. Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease involves long term use of several strong doses of antibiotics everyday, which in itself is not easy on the body.  Christine’s knowledge and kindness have made my treatments so much easier, and I am much stronger and able to enjoy my family and friends so much more than I was when I first walked into Christine’s office. I have highly recommended Christine’s services to my friends.  Christine provides an exceptional acupuncture service for a wide variety of needs and she does this in a way that allows the patient to feel safe and comfortable.  She has been a “miracle worker” in my life and I am very grateful to her for all that she has done to help me. Thanks Christine for all the ways that you are helping me to continue to heal!” Judy L.

Caring and skilled

“Christine has one of the best bedside manners I’ve ever experienced. She comes across as knowledgeable, caring, and skilled. I wish all physicians could be more like her.Thank you Christine for changing my life for the better!” R.M.


“My wife and I went to Christine for different issues. We were both skeptical about the treatment effectiveness of acupuncture, as we had never used it. Christine was so understanding and took the time to explain everything in detail. She was incredibly considerate about making sure we were comfortable, and so knowledgeable about the different treatment options and causes. I immediately felt better, renewed and energized. I would recommend Christine to anyone looking to experience the benefits of acupuncture!” E.S.


“In my later years, insomnia has become something that I have had to deal with. On top of all these other changes, insomnia was added to the list. I tried everything from exercise and changing my diet, to over the counter and prescription medication. My sleep was still horrible. My sister used acupuncture for other issues and always had such great success, she recommended me trying it for insomnia. I saw Christine and she treated me with acupuncture and herbs. She explained why I could be experiencing insomnia and how our treatments would regulate the body. I am able to get a much better night’s sleep now and on top of that, my night sweats and hot flashes went away! That isn’t why I even went in! I’m amazed at how Chinese medicine works and like my sister, now use it regularly.” Maria M.

Health maintenance

“I grew up having acupuncture and herbs so Chinese Medicine was nothing new to me. I moved away from my old acupuncturist and ended up seeing Christine. I didn’t really have anything wrong, I was just going for health maintenance and to boost my immunity for preparation of the cold and flu season. Not only did I survive the winter without getting sick, but my digestion and energy improved drastically. I continue to see Christine for health maintenance and relaxation. I look forward to it!” Melissa H.

Promoting good health

“Each time I have received treatment from Christine she has been warm, informative and professional. You can tell that she loves what she does! Regardless of the ailment (emotional or physical), Christine has been able to provide specific acupuncture points and would also recommend herbs and dietary changes that would best promote my health. It is so encouraging to have a resource that is able to accommodate wellness so specifically to my body.” Ashlee S.

Knowledgeable, caring, and skilled

“I went to Christine looking for help with a few different issues I was having. I had never had acupuncture before and was not sure what to expect. Christine was extremely gentle and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable the whole time. She explained to me what was causing my issues, and why she was using each point that she was. I left feeling absolutely amazing. Probably the most relaxed I have ever felt in my life. I have continued to get treatments from Christine because of her knowledge and commitment to wellness, and her helpful, reliable advice. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture.” Kate L.

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