I was looking for pain relief

“I damaged my shoulder and every time I lifted something it got worse. Nick clearly explained how acupuncture worked and the session was painless. Last night was the first decent nights sleep I’ve had in two months and today my shoulder is tender, but no piercing pain. I am very interested in the herbal medicine, I have bought stuff on the internet, but it makes sense to have a formula customized to my needs. I am very impressed with Nick’s knowledge.” Melanie L.

Back Pain after fusion

“I am a 61 year old male that has suffered from chronic back pain for 4-5 years and ended up with a fusion in my low back. I had a flare up at that time with incredible pain. My goal with acupuncture was to feel as good as before surgery. With the help of acupuncture (about 9 treatments, averaging every other week) and physical therapy, I am now feeling better than before the surgery, which is the best I’ve felt in 6-7 years.” Anonymous

Back Pain

“Thank you so much Christine! I can’t believe it has only been a year since I last made a visit to you.  My lower back was in so much pain, I had to sit on a tennis ball at my desk.  Your acupuncture and method of cupping took that pain all away.  That I didn’t even notice any more lower back pain.  I just recently visited you again in hopes that you could help me the same way with my upper back. And, it worked wonders. I look forward to more treatments just by the relaxed feel it gives me and your warm welcome. Thank you so much!”

Back Pain

“My back pain has consistently gotten better after getting acupuncture treatment. I haven’t felt any back pain or sciatic nerve pain in days! Christine is a miracle worker and a great person.” Matt S.

Knee pain

“In 2013 I meet with Christine to explore acupuncture treatment for the pain in my knees resulting from arthritis and knee surgery.  She was very through in her review of my medical history and systems.  She also suggested that we focus on addressing my sleep issues.  The treatments immediately provided me with relief of my pain, swelling and inflammation in my knees. The stiffness that I was experiencing improved and I gained increased range of motion.  Christine is very comprehensive in her approach to health issues and their relationship to the symptoms that I am experiencing.  I will continue to seek acupuncture treatment for any returning pain and stiffness that I experience from arthritis.  I have previously tried oral medications, cortisone injections and physical therapy.  Acupuncture has provided me with more relief that has been long lasting, than any previous treatment without the need to take medication and injections. I was very pleased to also receive improvement in the quality of my sleep and energy. My overall quality of life has improved and with better sleep and elimination of pain.  I appreciate that Christine approaches me in a holistic manner. She sees me and my symptoms as a whole person and provided treatment of the whole person to bring improved health and quality to my life.” P.L.

Tennis Elbow

“I met Christine while looking for a treatment that would get rid of an overuse sports injury in my elbow. I had tried so many different styles of treatments before coming to her and did not see any improvement. Acupuncture was one of the only things that helped a nagging injury.  The care and attention she gave me with each treatment, along with my injury improving had me coming regularly even after the injury had healed.  Christine’s treatments also have helped to create balance in my life in so many ways from stress, hormonal balance, helping with sleep and much more.  I really look forward to seeing Christine and receiving her treatments.  I am so grateful for her help, what she brings to each treatment and how much she has helped me.” J.E.

Disc Herniation with numbness in fingers

“I have experienced chronic neck pain due to disc herniation since 2002.  I have had 3 MRI’s taken.  I have also had periodic episodes of numbness in my first 3 fingers on my right hand.  Since undergoing acupuncture the numbness in my fingers has dissipated.  The constant pain in my upper back and neck is less severe and less frequent.  My sleep is better.  My overall quality of life has improved significantly.” J.W.

Chronic low back pain and wrist pain

“Initially I came to Christine because I had pain in my lower back and pain in both my wrists due to arthritis. Christine treated my lower back pain and my wrist pain and after the first treatment I started to feel better. Now my back is feeling pretty well and my balance has also improved. The inflammation, sharp shooting pains from my wrists, and slight shakiness in my hands have also decreased since starting acupuncture. At the time of starting acupuncture, I was and currently am, working with a physical trainer to strengthen my shoulder. My trainer suggested I try acupuncture along with his help to address my shoulder and since using both, it has greatly decreased the pain, my range of motion has improved and I have regained most of my strength in that arm and shoulder. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten from acupuncture. I would suggest trying it out for back pain or other pain you may be experiencing. It has really helped me.” R.S.

Shoulder pain

“I went to see Christine after I hurt my shoulder playing volleyball. It hurt constantly and I was having trouble even lifting my arm up. The first time I got acupuncture the pain decreased a lot and after a couple more visits during the following week I was able to move my arm pain free. Thanks Christine!” Dan G.

Shoulder pain

“I was skeptical about Acupuncture at first. I didn’t really understand how it worked, or if it worked at all. But I decided I would give it a try. I saw Christine for shoulder pain that had been bothering me for a few weeks. After the first treatment, I could really tell a difference. I came in for one follow up treatment and my shoulder pain had completely gone away. Since then I have seen her for different issues like headaches, acid reflux, and even hiccups! Every time I get a treatment I am amazed at how effective it is and how well I feel.” Will K.

Back Pain

“I’ve been struggling with back pain the several years without any relief. After my first visit to White Lilly my back is already loosed up, and I’ve got a ton of energy. I can’t wait for the next session.” M.K.

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