A Personal Evolution to Healing & Anointing

A Personal Evolution to Healing & Anointing

By: Jennifer Galvin-Anderson, MA

As the saying often goes – I didn’t find Energy Healing, Energy Healing found me…. I barely recall a time in my life when Energy Healing wasn’t part of it. I was introduced to the concept of holistic healing as a result of a near-death experience in 1995 at the age of 14 that catapulted me into a world I never would have imagined having the privilege of knowing. Thanks to the blessing of having the right parents, I was taken to many different holistic health practitioners, particularly healers, who often would tell me I had very healing energy and hands as a result of the near-death, and that I chose to come back to do this work. I was too young at the time to fully understand that concept and calling, but would continue to be led on my path in the years to come. Not always the straight and narrow easy path, but definitely the path!


I eventually found my way to St. Kate’s Masters in Holistic Health program that would open the door to my healing ministry and provide for me a sense of reassurance that I finally found my place in the world. I believe many of us are called to be healers, each in our own way and with our own gifts. The path to healing, particularly healing as a vocation, is both a personal and professional evolution. Since first starting with the St. Kate’s program, my practice has continued to expand. And as I’ve learned, the expanding doesn’t seem to ever end – in a good way!


My latest calling from Divine came a little over a year ago with frequent dreams, messages and other synchronicities telling me to “anoint the sick with oil.” I had already established my Energy Healing practice and was familiar with Essential Oils, as they were used on me during my own health adversities as a teenager. However for some reason, I never thought to use them in my healing work until then.  An ah-ha moment! Since that Divine calling, I have continued to expand my practice by offering Raindrop Technique, Spiritual Raindrop with Biblical Oils and Emotional Release sessions in conjunction with Energy Healing and Angel card readings in each session. It has been a beautiful gift for me to be able to witness the way oils and Energy Healing work so well together. I am always as emotionally and spiritually moved as those who receive it. I tell my clients it is truly an honor and privilege for me to be the channel and provider of that Energy Healing session.

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A typical session with me looks something like this: Before your session, I send out an Assessment form for you to complete for me so I can get a better understanding of your history and needs at the time. This then acts as the outline for our consult during your session, where I get to know you better and how I can be of support. After the consult, you have the option of choosing Angel cards from three different decks that I use from Doreen Virtue, all positive inspirational messages – what I refer to as “winks from Divine.” Following the cards, we then transition into the healing portion of your session, where you lay on the massage table, fully dressed for Energy Healing or Emotional Release sessions, and for Raindrop and Spiritual Raindrop, you remove socks and shirt so I can drop oils on those areas. You lay comfortably under a blanket and receive the anointing and Energy Healing, both hands on and hands off. During your time on the table, I sense Energetic messages from your Higher Self and see/hear messages for you from your Angels, Guides and Divine. Sometimes I share these messages with you while you’re on the table or if you’re in a deep state, I wait until after and share the messages with you then. I write all of your information for you on a Living Well plan you get to take home with you that includes any recommendations I have for you, the Angel cards you chose, the Intuitive messages, and any Essential Oils I used on you or recommend for you and your specific needs.


As I tell my clients, I am not the Healer, Divine is the Healer … I am simply the Channel that opens up that space and helps the Energy get passed on to you. I love what I do and especially am called to support others during challenging emotional times. It is not unusual for my clients to have an emotional release on the table and shed tears. I reassure my clients that is a good thing! Tears are healing and releasing is part of the healing process. I am honored to be in that sacred space with my clients and simply support them through it.


I was blessed to find my calling at a young age – not many thirty year olds get to say they absolutely love their “job”! Every day is an opportunity to be used by a power greater than myself and I wake-up excited to see where the path will continue to lead….

If you feel called to experience a Living Well session, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Jen G


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